Seasonality Of An Entrepreneur

The Seasonality Of An Entrepreneur

The degree of false positives in life presents a unique juxtaposition for an aspiring entrepreneur. Head down, pushing the sled, and spinning the grindstone without ever once sharpening and polishing the scythe. Perhaps it is equally attributable to a lack of seasonality applied to the management of the operation as it is an omnipotent sense of self.

In nature, there exist incredible examples upon which to model operational systems. A perennial plant, for example, is rather analogous to the lifecycle of a business. The average perennial endures an approximate 20-year life span predicated upon the unique architecture of its meristems. These undifferentiated zones serve an invaluable purpose of survivability for the plant. Without a steadfast commitment to following the guidelines of nature’s economic cycle, meristems would hastily expose the plant unprepared to grapple with the unknown.

Mental status is generally elevated by long days, warm weather, and an almost endless presumption of a bountiful harvest. In contrast, the first hard frost or persistent charcoal-colored snow piles and perpetual gray skies of winter reflect an almost endless doom and gloom cycle. The cyclicality of weather motivates a perennial to plan and prepare for what lies ahead. Without these trigger points, the meristems would likely never shut down thus deploying precious energy on growth at all costs. On the surface, the presentation of economic expansion, super high-level prosperity, record low inflation, and unbridled consumerism represents a backdrop all too familiar to the past few decades. The past decade has been a perpetual jug of Kool Aid akin to a hummingbird feeder ripe with baited hook connected to a speed dial cranking up the treadmill’s RPMs fueled by FOMO.

The entrepreneurial meristems are unable to cut the motor, coast into port, anchor up, and take a much-needed break. Overlay a list of unplanned macro events, and suddenly, the unraveling thread has released a button from the favorite shirt without warning. Why is it some truly thrive in these moments? How does one financial institution not flinch while another caves under the onslaught of a bonafide bank run so far removed from the perils of the Great Recession? The preparedness manifesto deployed from maintaining a meristem cache dedicated to embracing a full economic cycle.

Forecasting for what lies ahead filtered through past experiences and humility to know the limitations fosters certainty. Hop off the treadmill and take inventory by slowing down to speed up. Clean and sharpen the implements, explore the elements, prune off all the overgrown vegetation, and reinvest into personal development. Are the basic provisions for survival on board? Is the long game in focus? Rooted within this gameplan is a backbone belief that nothing is permanent. Seasonality grips every life form, for it is truly a blessing as nature’s way of fostering a lasting legacy.

In the words of Jimmy Cliff: “I can see clearly now the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. It’s gonna be a bright sunshiny day.”