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Any Validity to Tactical Retrospective Advice?

Any Validity to Tactical Retrospective Advice?

Everything is great. Clinical proficiency is palpable. Immersion into the subjects at hand is full board with a rather exuberant level of confidence. How could a fly ever stand a chance in this ointment? Except that it is final exam time second semester senior year, and you have yet to make it to a class. Hold up the printing press, that diploma is now in question for delivery on commencement day, and there is serious doubt whether or not you will even get to walk. How can this be? Where did the time go? Only then does reality set in, and thank the lucky stars for the morning alarm clock to throttle you out of a bad dream into a mortal reminder it’s Tuesday and the real-life schedule is about to unfold.

Do you often stew over what it would be like to actually go back and retell the story armed with today’s knowledge? What a gift this ought to present to that unsuspecting nascent clinical want-to-be. Yet, does the notion of time traveling back to those tumultuous interludes where the mind was pre-occupied with not spending another precious moment chasing signatures, returning borrowed equipment, transferring caseloads to D3s, and any other gyration deemed worthy of another fluid ounce of blood, sweat, and tears tempt even the most stoic thread within your soul? Albeit therapeutic at its base, the journey would necessitate an antediluvian-like rewind of the years in order to revisit those fateful and foundational moments to rehash the memories equitably intertwined by fondness and indifference. Thanks to the inherent lack of viable time travel, you should honestly not fathom a single scenario whereby any alterations would make a meaningful impact and simply embrace the journey as it unfolds. Rather, give consideration to the prodigal tenets of deliberate mindfulness and discover the insurmountable level of inner serenity that awaits.

Forcing yourself out of the echo chamber and exposing a bountiful array of life lessons, daily reflections, modest confidence, and a general level of benevolence to guide you is far more valuable. Let’s face it, who would not want to go back in time to course correct and relive the story armed with a fresh batch of future brownie bites? Flip the switch, dim the lights and pop a little corn, it is sure to be an instant hit. Caught in the seemingly endless tug-of-war between past, present, and future defines itself remarkably in the following twist of a Buddhist principle…”when you keep one foot stuck in yesterday and one foot tinkering with tomorrow all you end up doing is peeing on today.” Rather trite but true, the simplicity of being present is an art form which undoubtedly requires tons of practice. It boils down to relevancy in a world geared for negativity.

Shawn Achor explores this rather deftly in The Happiness Advantage. So many experts in the field of psychology have produced study results in an attempt to dissect the complex hierarchy of the human mind and solve for why we do what we do. The crossover and comparison of results is uncanny once all the nitty-gritty details are removed. He likens decision making at one point to the principles of Tetris. Repetition over time can ultimately imprint and reprogram the brain to only view the world in a particular manner. The Tetris Effect can work both positively and negatively, so once one clearly comprehends its peculiarities, the magic begins to unfold. As an inherent optimist, I gravitate to his notion of “rose-tinted” glasses as an effective method to positively navigate life.

“Science has shown that seeking out the positive has too many tangible advantages to be dismissed as mere cockeyed optimism or wishful thinking.” – The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

You must fully expect your D4 self to embody this notion should you happen to show up ready to serve up a hot “ham sandwich” loaded with impeccable advice. It is literally impossible, impractical, and downright inappropriate to look at life through a lens that completely filters out all negative or deleterious events and moments. Instead, it is crucial to adopt a global perspective by virtue of perpetually grazing and absorbing cognitive nutrients from all around in order to purely engage with one’s mind as well as the psyche of others. Retrospective self-directed advice is a vain attempt at forgiveness. A flimsy apology to a former acquaintance that no longer has a formal stake in the game. This message embodies exquisitely in the following statement…

“Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past.” – Lily Tomlin

You have elected for an incredible journey, so buckle up and hang in there! Trust your instincts and put more credence into a forward-thinking approach to being present. If the retrospective nightmare is keeping you awake t night, fear not for you are not alone. Consider reaching out for a discovery call and explore all that Dynamic Dental Ascension has to offer.

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